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Commercial and Industrial Construction Department


Our business operations include various large-scale construction projects.
These are performed in such areas as:

Public buildings and facilities:

    • hospitals,
    • facilities for emergency response entities, 
    • office buildings,
    • schools,
    • sports halls,
    • museums,
    • petrol stations.

Industrial plants:

    • production halls,
    • warehouses,
    • storage yards, with complete area development.

While carrying out various tasks we aim at reducing the involvement of Investor's personnel responsible for project implementation and for technical matters. This means we assume most responsibilities to be performed in connection with the project.

We are ready to execute complex projects involving not only the construction itself but also the stage of making the design. Our company cooperates with a few design studios, therefore we also provide services connected with technical consultancy.

Nadbudowa Bloku Dziecięcego H1 w Szpitalu Wojewódzkim nr 2


Inwestor: Szpital Wojewódzki nr 2 im. Św. Jadwigi Królowej w Rzeszowie

Termin realizacji: 23 sierpnia 2013 - 23 maja 2014

Wartość inwestycji: 8 509 140,00 zł brutto

Nadbudowa Bloku Dziecięcego  H1 wraz z konieczną przebudową stanu istniejącego na potrzeby utworzenia Oddziału Onkohematologii Dziecięcej oraz remont dializ budynku H1 Szpitala Wojewódzkiego nr 2 im. Św. Jadwigi Królowej” Wykonanie nadbudowy budynku H1 dla potrzeb oddziału onkohematologii wraz z remontem wybranych pomieszczeń bloku H1 w zakresie niezbędnym do prawidłowego funkcjonowania nowoprojektowanego oddziału. Generalny remont pomieszczeń niższych kondygnacji związany z wymianą pionów instalacji wod-kan oraz głównych zasilań piętrowych instalacji elektrycznych.


Communication tunnel - Provincial Hospital No. 2 in Rzeszów

On 5 September of this year was signed the contract with the Provincial Hospital No. 2 in Rzeszów

Inżynieria Rzeszów S.A. realize a task, a communication tunnel (connection) between the existing tunnel and the object of the Regional Center for Rehabilitation and Education for Children and Youth with the necessary technical infrastructure and redevelopment of existing networks and the expansion of existing underground tunnel escape route of communication of the renovation and reconstruction of the existing tunnel and the necessary technical infrastructure and reconstruction of the existing underground network. "

Contract realized with the project "Development and Modernization of the Provincial Hospital No. 2 in Rzeszów

The contract value is more than 8 million PLN

The term of the task is - 12 months.


Remodelling of a shopping building in Oleszyce



Investor: Commune of Oleszyce

Project implementation: 29 July 2011 - 30 May 2013

Net value of the investment: 3,767,447.00 PLN 

Remodelling and modernization of an unoccupied shopping building in Oleszyce; the project involves making adjustments required in order to transform the building into a community centre  



Reconstruction of the stadium in Rzeszów



Investor: Urban Commune of Rzeszów

Project implementation: 1 July 2011 - 15 March 2012

Net value of the investment: 26,359,999.96 PLN




Enhancement of sports infrastructure by reconstructing the municipal stadium in Rzeszów.



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