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Special Engineering Services Department


On 20 November 2008 the Company established the Special Engineering Services Department, which is in charge of:

  • Engineering works connected with securing deep excavations with steel sheet pile walls;
  • Bypassing installations under gas grids, water mains, sewers, heat distribution networks and cabling as well as other obstructions, by means of the technologies of controlled drilling, microtunnelling and horizontal ramming;
  • Driving elements of steel profiles and pre-produced piles;
  • Preparations for piling works (deep foundation)
  • Trench dewatering


We provide complex services in executing complete projects involving the types of works listed above.




10. Subway passage underneath Powstańców Warszawy Rzeszów


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Investor: Urban Commune of Rzeszów - Miejski Zarząd Dróg i Zieleni

Project implementation: 1 July 2011  - 31 December 2011

Net value of the investment:3,568,129.00 PLN



The underground passage at Powstańców Warszawy St.will make it possible for pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross one of the busiest streets of Rzeszów. The subway is approx. 30 metres long, 4.5 metres wide, and 3 metres high.



City Center



Investor: Resbex Sp. z o.o.

Project implementation: 10 January 2011  - 15 March 2011

Net value of the investment: 713,200.00 PLN



Temporary reconstruction of the water supply system, construction of sheet piling.


A4 Motorway - Nowa Wieś bridge


 A4 Nowa Wie most

Investor: Mostostal Warszawa S.A.

Project implementation: 15 August 2010  - 30 October 2010

Net value of the investment: 891,000.00 PLN



Construction of sheet piling


Rzeszów - Marysieńki Street



Investor: "ENERGETYK" Housing Co-operative

Project implementation: 1 August 2010  - 10 August 2010

Net value of the investment: 17,000.00 PLN



Construction of sheet piling.


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